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I installed zsh in on my personal computer and servers, and uses the time command to view how much time a process took. However, once I wanted to see also how much memory a process allocated, and found that the time command could do much more. The original time format:

TIMEFMT='%J  %U user %S system %P cpu %*E total'

To see more information, I changed it to:

TIMEFMT='%J   %U  user %S system %P cpu %*E total'$'\n'\
'avg shared (code):         %X KB'$'\n'\
'avg unshared (data/stack): %D KB'$'\n'\
'total (sum):               %K KB'$'\n'\
'max memory:                %M KB'$'\n'\
'page faults from disk:     %F'$'\n'\
'other page faults:         %R'